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Men's Skincare : The Basics

Are you a man who is interested in starting a skincare regimen, but don’t know where to start? Great skincare doesn’t have to be confusing, time consuming, or expensive. In fact, a few solid products can steps can yield several benefits with minimal effort. But, it’s important to note that as a man, your skin has unique needs. Let’s take a closer look at how you can take some simple steps to ensure healthy, strong skin for the future!

Taking care of your skin should be just as essential as caring for your muscles and mind. Your skin is an integral part of what keeps you healthy. It is also a visual indicator of your overall health. Do you want to look tired, weathered and old, or fresh, healthy and as young as you feel? The proper skincare can help to ensure this!

Unlike women, guys rarely discuss skincare our grooming habits with one another. In addition, we may not have ever had someone educate us about proper skincare growing up. Put this together with how overwhelming the skincare industry can be and most men will simply throw their hands in the air and swear off products all together. But, unless you’ve won the genetic lottery, your skin won’t take care of itself. Choosing products that are right for you, and that actually work, can be simple and rewarding when you have some basic education on how your skin functions.

For starters, your skin is about 25% thicker than a woman’s. As men, we tend to have a higher collagen density. Collagen is what gives your skin resiliency, firmness and keeps it full and strong. In turn, our skin is less prone to wrinkles, and, if taken care of, can even age better than our female counterparts!

We also tend to be a lot oilier than women. Yes, it may be annoying to have to blot oil from your nose with a paper towel in the restroom, but our higher production of sebum may keep us looking younger! Sebum is secreted by our pores to help lubricate and protect our skin. If our skin isn’t effectively cleaned and balanced, it can build up with dead skin cells and clog our pores and cause some forms of acne. This is why we need a good pH balanced cleanser!

Unlike women, most men shave their facial hair. This can work for us and against us. The pros are that the dense hair follicles of our faces help support our skin. Plus, shaving is a great form of exfoliation, or removing dead skin cells! The negatives are that shaving can cause sensitivity and inflammation on our skin as well. This is why we have seen a spike in products such as beard oils that soften and condition hair before shaving and can also be used post shaving to calm and hydrate your skin!

The first product men may consider investing in is a pH balanced cleanser. No, your bar soap doesn’t cut it, as bar soap tends to be very alkaline and can over strip your skin and lead to MORE oiliness (unless it is naturally formulated). Look for a cleanser that gently foams and incorporate this step in the morning, evening and after the gym if you’ve been sweating. Cleansing will bring a fresh-looking vitality to your skin and control your oil balance.

Next, look at hydration. Even if your skin is oily, it may be lacking water. Light, gel based moisturizers that contain a water-binding ingredient like hyaluronic acid can be beneficial. Many men enjoy multi-tasking products such as natural beard oils that can also be pressed into the skin as a moisturizer. This literally cuts your skincare regimen down to two simple steps!

A third step some men choose to incorporate is exfoliation. Exfoliation involves using a scrub or acid to dissolved dead skin cell build up. Many men prefer a physical scrub because results are instantaneous and can give you a closer shave. Look for products with naturally derived rounded beads that can knock off dead skin cells. Make sure to not overdo it! Exfoliation only needs to be performed a few days each week.

As you can see, it can be fairly simple to care for your skin effectively! 2 to 3 steps with the right products and your skin will be healthy and attractive at any stage in your life!

Are you interested in starting a simple and effective skincare regimen? Check out the following products from Kosmetikos to keep your skin and beard looking it’s best!

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