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Facial Oils - The Multi-Tasking Miracle Oils Your Skin Will Love

If you haven’t witnessed the incredible rise of facial oils in popularity at your favorite department store or online, you’ve been hiding under a rock. These glow and radiance enhancing elixirs have developed a cult following and are commonly strewn across celebrity magazines, beauty blogs and Instagram feeds. But, isn’t oil bad for your skin? Isn’t this just a fad that will run its course? Let’s unravel some of the common myths of Facial Oils and look at the true science behind these multi-tasking wonders!

Wait a sec… I thought oil is bad for my skin and will clog my pores!

Absolutely false…sometimes. Unfortunately, the oils in skincare that you have desperately been running from your entire life, may actually be some of the best ingredients for your particular skin condition, especially if its aging!

As we advance in years, our skin tends to get drier because we aren’t producing as many lipids or essential fatty acids to hydrate and protect its surface. This can lead to a complexion that looks dry, dull, and lackluster. But, the right facial oil can supplement the oils our skin doesn’t produce as well anymore. The result? Skin that is softer, stronger and more radiant!

In addition, the specific blends of oil you choose to use on your skin can actually improve its appearance. Some oils brighten, while others qualm inflammation or fight free radical damage. These oils are true multi-tasking miracles!

How do Facial Oils really work?

When high quality facial oils are applied to the skin they are instantly absorbed by the top layers and form a protective armor across the surface. In turn, this helps the skin function properly and do its job of retaining moisture and repelling harmful bacteria from the outside environment. Think of it like a force field against the elements!

Why shouldn’t I just use a cream or lotion?

Check out the ingredient list of your favorite face cream or lotion. Most of these products are filled to the brim with useless fillers, chemicals to make the products slip and glide, and even waxes. Waxes are especially dangerous to skin because they don’t allow your skin to really breathe. This can clog pores and actually make your skin drier in time.

Oils, on the other hand, can offer all of the benefits of a light lotion or rich cream, but without the negative side effects. Most of the fatty acids and lipids in oils are small enough in molecular structure that they can penetrate more deeply into the epidermis and have more effect with their active ingredients as well. It turns out that you actually get what you pay for when you use a facial oil!

Why are Facial Oils more expensive than other products I use?

Simply put, facial oils aren’t filled with cheap ingredients like fillers, waxes or chemical preservative. You’re paying for an oil that is usually 100% natural, handmade, and only contains truly refined therapeutic ingredients. The process of extracting pure, essential oils takes time and effort. But, its well worth the cost when you see these products are more effective and last longer than traditional creams and lotions.

Are all Facial Oils the same? Can’t I just slap coconut oil on my face?

Shop wisely for oils because they are not all created equal! The best blends are 100% natural. Their only fragrance should come from essential oils. Think of oils as topical nutritional supplements for your skin. Look for blends that incorporate ingredients that have therapeutic benefits that may benefit your skin. For example, some oils like carrot oil can help protect against UV damage, while other like Birch Bark Extract and Tea Tree Oil can have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties!

I have oily skin and I’m prone to break-outs. Can I still use a Facial Oil?

Absolutely! While you may be initially fearful of applying an oil to acne-prone skin, the results can be transformative. Most people who suffer from acne use products, like scrubs and drying antibacterial medications that strip their skin of vital moisture and its protective barrier. Using a light facial oil with ingredients like Birch Bark Extract can help stabilize skin and repair its barrier. This helps the skin ward off harmful bacteria and can results in clearer skin! In addition, oil breaks down oil. A Facial Oil can actually help break down the congestion in pores and balance the surface oil on skin!

When all is said and done, the right Facial Oil can take the place of several of your products. Toss your toner, slide over your serum and mover your moisturizer to the back of the medicine cabinet! A pH balanced skin cleanser and Facial Oil may be all you need to have your healthiest, most beautiful skin yet!

Ready to simplify your beauty regimen with a Facial Oil? Are you looking for to restore that dewy glow to dry skin, or provide lightweight moisture and antibacterial properties to oily skin? Try the Results Complex Facial Oils from Kosmetikos! They come in original and lightweight!

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