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                   and Kosmetikos                            

Determined, Eccentric, Complex, Ambitious,  Argumental   Own It!


This Wisconsin based skin care company is dedication to Quality Custom Formulated Skin Care Products  that are effective and easy to use, while encouraging individuals to stand tall, be themselves and embrace what’s within. 



All ingredients are individually selected and 100% natural for committed quality skincare products with long-term application effects and results. 

Consumers deserve products free of harsh chemicals and synthetics, which will allow us to treat our bodies and our skin better.


The average woman uses 515 synthetic chemicals on herself each day, with only 9% aware of what most of the ingredients are.   It’s time to make the transition to a different breed of skincare products.



Kosmetikos is excited to develop our unique products using Wisconsin based resources – keeping our business local, with sales to go global.  These “potions” are formulated using natural extracts from Birch Trees.   This key ingredient is derived from the bark byproducts of the Wisconsin timber industry. The bark which would otherwise be burned is sustainable, traceable and unadulterated and scientifically proven to be highly effective to promote better human health. The science is backed by more than 15 years of development at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, resulting in 20+ patents. 


With this naturally occurring compound, Kosmetikos makes skin care products that nourish and replenish the skin while acting as a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant, thus making skin healthier, scientifically shown to reduce inflammation, repair the barrier function, improve hydration, and promote wound healing.  


For centuries Native Americans, North European, and Russian cultures have used these extracts to treat disease. In Scandinavia, young birch leaflets and twigs are bound into bundles and used in the sauna to tone the skin and promote the circulation. 



Known as the "Lady of the Woods" The Birch tree symbolizes a fresh start. The Birch tree appears fragile but is extremely hardy.   

This tree teaches us that in apparent weakness there is often found great strength. A promise of new life and love.





Founder - Billie Jo Brown                                      


Billie Jo is a small business owner ( for more than a decade, who is the

founder and operator of Spa Eliana.  She is a licensed Aesthetician (Skin Care Therapist)

with extensive education of healthy skin and problems that often occur, as well as ingredients

and products for skin care.


In addition to licensing requirements of 450 hours she has chosen to continue her skin care

education with 100 additional hours of post graduate classes, and counting!

She is a Legacy Scholarship recipient at the worldwide International Dermal Institute of Skin Care.


Billie Jo is a Licensed Nail Technician, who follows the industries constant changing trends.

She is a Licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist with 12 years working in the spa

industry and more than 100 hours of continued education including a certification in personal

training.   She holds an Associate Degree in Hospitality Management and was an associate

manager for a large franchise throughout Wisconsin.  


Her passion for healthy skin, body and products drives her to found Kosmetikos.  

This is a lady with the necessary skills…some call her a hybrid!  A great deal of knowledge gained

through experience, countless hours, research, education, drive and enthusiasm, has built a

commitment to create extraordinarily high quality, unique, effective formulations.  Her creation

is results-oriented products, invested in Wisconsin, specifically designed for those with problematic and sensitive skin.      


Not a trace of synthetics, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, propylene glycol, petroleum or by products.

Working towards all GMO Free and all organic.




I hope you will enjoy your first glimpse and take the time to tell me about your transformation.




All Natural Skin Care with a little Attitude

Made with Birch Bark and Essential Oils

Kosmetikos is inspired by traditions of ancient cultures and the strength of our trees...

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