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Lisa & Enrique

First off I wanna say that I love how my skin has been looking and feeling. It's been really dry since my daughter was born and these products seem to be helping. My complexion is brighter and more even too.


I am confident in using them with the children touching my skin and while breast feeding.  My husband likes a simple routine and application, but yet is picky about his products.  He too is loving the effects.


The only "issues" I have is the packaging.  BUT....   I am very happy to hear the changes being implimented and that you listen to customer feed back.  I look forward to the new bottles for the serums that include a dropper. 


Thank you for making great products, we really appreciated it : )





I was a selected customer to attend the “soft launch” of Kosmetikos’s skin care line.   I have been using the wash, mask and the original complex for about 5 months.


Initially I loved the smell and that it is gentle on my skin-  No burning or irritation.


After a couple weeks I had a noticeable decrease in breakouts and through time I have a lot less blemishes.

The products last a long  time  and  I appreciate that they are all natural and not tested on animals.


Kosmetikos is a great product to use if you are looking for a natural line that focuses on the consumers needs.




I love using  the Kosmetikos products and displaying on my vanity.


I feel safe knowing that they contain ingredients that are safe and from the earth. My challenge has been finding products that I can use because my skin is sensitive.  These work for me!   I love the smell and the oil soaks into my dry skin. 


Sue Twiggs Yoga teacher and studio owner

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Molly and daughters


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