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Unmask the Benefits of Facial Masking

Scroll down your Facebook or Instagram feed these days and you’re bound to see countless influencers and celebrities hawking the benefits of a certain face mask. Whether it’s the latest “Magnetic Mask” to minimize pores, or the “24 Carat Gold Mask” to tighten and firm your neckline, there is no denying that facial masking has become increasingly popular. But, how do we know if masking is worth the time? As it turns out, masking may be the missing step in your current skincare regimen! Here’s 5 reasons why you may want to consider making facial masking an integral part of how you care for your skin.

Customize Your Concern

Whether you’re plagued by acne and blackheads, or are battling sensitive skin and redness, masks can be customized to address your concern. Most skincare lines offer a weekly mask to intensify the results of their skincare line, but many consumers choose to purchase masks to treat their skin in emergency situations. For example, you may choose a mask with bentonite clay if your skin is over oily, as it absorbs excess oil. If you are experiencing current breakouts you may opt for a mask that has salicylic acid to decongest pores. For a special event, you may reach for a mask that has lactic acid and mild resurfacing properties that will exfoliate your skin and allow your makeup to set flawlessly. However your skin may be behaving, there’s a mask for that!

Repair & Protect

The right mask can do wonders for healing compromised skin. Key ingredients like Neem Oil can actually zap inflammation from sensitized or irritated skin and heal the barrier of the skin’s surface. This prevents your skin from losing hydration and can actually strengthen the barrier, making it more resilient.

You may have noticed a current trend of “sleeping masks” that work overnight and infuse the skin with nourishing and healing ingredients like a cocoon! Although some masks are made to be rinsed off in 5 to 10 minutes, masks like these are more effective the longer they are worn!

Deep Cleansing

Cleansing your skin with a pH balanced wash each day is sufficient to remove excess oil, dirt and makeup, but a detoxifying mask can give you a whole new caliber of clean! Chalk full of ingredients like kaolin clay to draw out impurities and enzymes, like bromelain, which lift away dead skin cells, these masks can effectively correct active skin concerns and make your other products work more effectively.

Many people who suffer from overly oily skin with blackheads are especially fond of these types of masks, as they deeply cleanse the skin without over drying. In some cases, these masks also contain gentle exfoliating granules of oatmeal or other natural elements to help “bump off” dead skin cells when you rinse away the mask.

Makes Your Other Skincare Work BETTER

Using a facial mask on a regular basis can make all of your other skincare products work even better! By deeply cleansing, removing excess surface oils, and resurfacing your skin, masks leave a clean and supple foundation for your other products to absorb more efficiently. In turn, they perform better and your skin is in a healthier state!

Relaxation & Stress Reduction

Stress can have a huge impact on how your skin behaves. Stress causes inflammation, and in turn, inflammation can cause acne, sensitivity and premature aging. Simply taking a few moments out of your week to relax, decompress, treat your skin to a facial mask, and enjoy a soothing bath can do wonders for your skin health!

Infused with natural, essential oils and aromatic botanicals, masks have the ability to be therapeutic to both your skin and overall well-being! While you’re taking some “ME” time, your skin is reaping the benefits of the ingredients you are letting rest on the surface. Plus, the heat of a bath can make the ingredients work even more effectively!

Convinced that facial masking isn’t a passing fad? Try the Emulsifying Facial Mask by Kosmetikos! It restores, rebalances and renews your skin with healing Neem Oil and Birch Bark Extract.

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