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Seasons Change...So Should Your Skincare

Reality Check! The skincare lineup you’ve been using all Summer with fantastic results may not be a year-round love affair. Many of us experience a sense of “betrayal” this time of year when our favorite moisturizer and products no longer seem to be able to achieve that balanced, dewy glow on our skin. This may be especially true if you live in a part of the nation that experiences 4 true seasons, like the Midwest, where Kosmetikos is manufactured! Just as we change up our wardrobes to suit the Season, we should also be taking a closer look at modifying our skincare regimen to adapt to the unique changes each Season brings.

“The environment that you live in affects how your skin behaves,” advises Billie Jo Brown, Licensed Aesthetician and the creator of the Kosmetikos skincare line. “This includes the environment inside of your home,” she continues, “The average Midwest Home is drier than the Sahara Desert in the Winter due to indoor heating zapping the moisture in the air – this can be really hard on your skin!”

To allow for a healthy, comfortable transition for your skin from season to season, let’s take a closer look at your skins unique needs for the cooler temperatures of Fall and Winter!


As skin transitions from more hot/humid weather it is common for dullness and dehydration to set in. Tight, flaky skin cannot afford to be stripped of its precious water balance, so it is important to make sure any cleanser is pH balanced and will not disrupt the barrier function of your skin.

Many skin types also benefit from transitioning to a light facial oil in place of their Summer moisturizer this time of year. Being water based, most moisturizers will simply evaporate off the surface of the skin before your complexion reaps the benefits. In contrast, non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) facial oils can offer lasting hydration and truly nourish the skin.

The skin on our body may also suffer this time of year. Many women will notice that their lower legs get ‘flaky’ during the transition into Fall. Keeping a body oil in your shower to apply to partially damp legs and arms immediately after you shower. This oil will not only condition your skin, but it will also serve as a protective barrier against further dehydration.


Windows closed + Indoor Heating ON = Dehydrated/Dry Skin! Not only do most of us notice that our skin is less oily during the Winter, but it is also flaky, tight and in some cases, painful! In addition, our traditional moisturizer may have a tough time even reaching your skin because of the build-up of dead skin cells that dehydration can cause. The magic combination? Exfoliation and more emollient hydration.

First, we need to be certain that you are clearing the path for your moisturizer by knocking off the dead skin cells that are in its way. Exfoliants like The Emulsifying Face Mask from Kosmetikos not only remove dull build-up, but also condition and re-hydrate the skin. Follow it up with a light application of an appropriate Facial Oil and your skin will stay invincible to the dry conditions. Truly OIL DRY skin types may even consider layering a Facial Oil underneath and over the top of their favorite moisturizer to seal in further hydration and comfort!

Just as your Facial Oil may be layered beneath and atop of your Facial Moisturizer for truly dry skin, it may also benefit the body! Continue your Fall habit of applying a thin layer of body oil to damp skin immediately post showering, but follow with another layer atop of your body lotion or cream. This technique can keep even the driest Winter skin looking soft and supple all year round!

Curious about boosting your Seasonal Skincare with a Facial Oil? Try the Light and Original Blends of Kosmetikos Facial Oil!

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