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5 Reasons to Show Your Locks Some Love with Hair Oil

Applying oil to your scalp and hair may sound counterintuitive, especially when most of us wash our hair to prevent it from looking oily, or greasy. But, today’s hair oils are quickly becoming an integral step in how many of us care for our hair. With benefits like reduced dandruff, enhanced shine and stronger strands, it’s no wonder that many hair care lines are launching oils with customized blends that treat specific hair conditions. Check out these top benefits of incorporating a hair oil into your daily routine for improved hair health and appearance!


If you’re plagued by a dry, tight and itchy scalp due to climate, season, or simply your skin type--hair oils can offer intense and immediate relief. Brimming with fatty esters, they immediately replace the lipids lacking on a dry scalp. Gently massaged into the scalp, hair oils can provide immediate hydration and leave the scalp skin nourished and pliable. In addition, this massaging action can improve circulation to the scalp and encourage more natural oil production and alleviate future dryness.


Hair needs the right conditions for optimal growth from the inside out. The nourishment from the food we consume, especially foods rich in biotin, phytonutrients and protein, can make new hair growth stronger with the ability to grow longer. Hair oils rich in nut oils, such a Macadamia Nut, can hydrate and strengthen the shaft of our hair and prevent breakage. Lastly, the act of massaging a hair oil into our scalp daily can increase circulation and allow for quicker regrowth.


Hair, especially long hair that has been color-treated, can be highly susceptible to our micro-climate. Dry, hot weather can deplete surface oils on our hair and disrupt our scalp’s oil balance. Hair oils, when applied throughout the length of the hair can seal in moisture and offer a barrier of protection. This gives the hair shaft more flexibility, prevents breakage, and makes hair incredibly soft and shiny!


Although there are several different forms and causes of dandruff, conditions that results from an excessively dry scalp can benefit greatly from the nourishing oils, like castor oil, found in many hair oils. Beyond just hydrating the scalp and providing relief from flaking, many oils contain essential oils, such as birch bark extract, that are inflammatory and antiseptic to assist in alleviating the symptoms and reoccurrence of dandruff.


Many people who consider themselves minimalists love transitioning to a hair oil because of the versatility of this product for other applications. Depending on blends of oils used, many hair oils can also be used on the face, to enhance the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, on the body and even on the cuticles. This may allow for one product replacing multiple steps in your daily routine!

Curious about trying adding an oil to your daily routine? Check out “Squirrelly,” the new hair oil from Kosmetikos! It is chalk full of nourishing oils like Macadamia Nut and Castor oil, is quick to absorb, and smells wonderful!

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