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Easy Solutions for the 7 Most Common Beard Blunders!

Let’s face it guys, growing and grooming a beard is no longer just a statement in personal style…it’s a lifestyle! Whether you aspire for a full, natural beard or, simply a dash more than a 5 o’clock shadow, the condition of your facial hair is imperative to making this look attractive. Unfortunately, there can be some common obstacles along the way to growing and maintaining your facial hair and the skin beneath. Let’s take a look at the most common ones you’ll encounter and what you can do to easily fix them for your best beard possible!

#1 Slow Growth Rate in Your Facial Hair

Guess what? The way your beard grows is going to be just as unique as the style in which you chose to wear it! For some men, growing long, full facial hair is effortless. For others, it’s a constant struggle to grow in areas that are sparse. Regardless, all men will experience different speeds of growth depending on where your hair is in its growth cycle. Keeping your beard and the skin below it hydrated and healthy will make a huge impact on the rate of growth. Many men also explore natural supplements, such as biotin, which can accelerate hair growth. A sound diet that includes protein will also ensure that your follicles have the nutrients they need to create the building blocks for healthy facial hair.

#2 Itchiness & Sensitivity on the Skin Under Your Beard

If you have facial hair you WILL experience occasional itchiness and sensitivity, especially when you are growing out and getting acclimated to your new hair! Fight the urge to scratch your skin; this will only cause more inflammation and sensitivity. Instead, find a beard oil that is also indicated for your skin and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients like Birch Bark Extract and oils that will soften your hair and are NON-pore clogging, like Neem Oil.

#3 The Dreaded Beard Dandruff

Perhaps you’re growing a beard to look more masculine and handsome. Having flakes of dandruff falling from your new facial hair is anything but sexy! Dandruff can go beyond just your scalp and affect your beard if the skin beneath is too dry, oily, or inflamed. To keep this skin healthy, wash your beard frequently with a pH-balanced, sulfate free shampoo or facial wash to balance oils. Look for Beard Oils that balance and hydrate the skin beneath your beard and also condition the actual hair to keep it soft and hydrated.

#4 Acne Under Your Beard

Although having a full beard can actually protect your skin form some environmental factors such as sun exposure, wind and pollution, it can also lead to acne for some men. Acne can easily result from inflammation in the skin, so if your skin is already a bit sensitive to begin with, you may experience acne as you grow out your new facial hair. This acne may also result from bacteria build up due to infrequent washing of your beard. In all cases, it is important to frequently wash your beard with a pH-balanced shampoo/facial wash and keep the outgrowth hydrated. Many men have success clearing this acne with the topical application of tea tree oil and/or products with Birch Bark Extract as these ingredients destroy bacteria on the surface of the skin.

#5 Dry, Tight Skin Under Your Beard

Believe it or not, your surrounding environment will have a big impact on your beard! Conditions like excessive temperature highs/lows and humidity levels can make the skin under your beard dry and tight. To offset the potential of this happening make sure that whatever cleanser you are using on your beard is pH-balanced so that it doesn’t strip away crucial oils on your skin and beard. Using a Beard Oil can also keep dry skin and hair conditions at bay!

#6 Tangles in Your Beard

The aesthetic of a more “rustic” looking beard is very popular, but there is a fine line between “Lumberjack Sexy” and just plain old scraggly. An unkempt beard can give the wrong impression of the wearer; one in which you come out looking unclean, unhygienic and unprofessional. As the thickness of your beard increases with growth, it will become more difficult to manage and groom. At this length, it is best to brush through your beard when the hair is still wet and use a beard oil almost like a leave in conditioner. Once the hair is dry, re-apply this beard oil to keep old ends hydrated and tame!

#7 Stinky Beard!

Nothing can kill the moment like moving in for a kiss and having your partner pull away due to the aroma that is emitting from your beard. If you aren’t regularly washing your beard excess oil and dirt can build up and you may develop an almost rank odor to your facial hair. Luckily, in most cases, YOU will notice this first, as your nose is the closest thing to your beard, but really guys…wash at least two times a week. In addition, many beard grooming products contain a kick of essentials oils that should leave you feeling confident about your beard’s olfactory impact to your partner.

Ready to put down the razor? Try the NEW, Kosmetikos “Burly” Beard Oil to maximize your beard’s growth and to keep your facial hair soft and smooth!

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