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Shower Wash - Determined

Shower Wash - Determined

Shower Wash
Birch and Chaga Tea Blend
.75 oz of concentrate in a 8 oz flip top bottle

Experience the true luxury of cleansing with a tailor-made, hand-crafted vegetable soap. Those lucky few who experience this sensation day after day find absolutely no comparison. This product is cold-processed because it is the most superior method of all, preserving the key qualities of each ingredient to be delivered for the skin. We keep the natural occurring glycerin, while most commercial soap companies sell it as a profitable by-product and add a high percentage of synthetic chemicals which leaves the skin feeling dry and irritated. This is NOT your average variety of soap!

• No harsh chemicals or Ph levels that strip your skin
• Determined to remove impurities and clean up pores
• Gentle cleansing properties leave your skin feeling soft
• Made as a solid wash to avoid adding preservative
  • Details

    Remove cap and fill container with warm water. Replace cap, shake well and allow to set for six or more hours. Place small amount in hand, lather, and apply to skin. Rinse off, pat dry and follow with Eccentric or Complex.

    A great way to love our wash and the ease to use in the shower.

    Coconut Oil
    Olive Oil
    Organic Palm Oil
    Shea Butter
    Birch Bark
    Chaga Mushroom
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